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Loom Woven Rag Rugs

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Rag Rug Weaving has been a part of our family for almost 30 years. 
These rugs are woven on an Orco 70 Loom using clean wonderful recycled fabrics. 
Our rag rugs are woven by hand, one rug at a time.  We carefully prepare the fabric strips for weaving so they will be durable.
All fabric, including used fabrics, can be made into rag rugs. 
The rug shown above is denim with khaki inserts.

s of my loom -


All of our fabric has been  washed and dried. We hand cut into strips and machine stitched for exceptional durability.  The next step is the fun part - weaving the rug.  Each rug is special because it is a work of art for us.

This is a sample of a special order I made for one of my valued customers.  She was pleased with the results.